Understanding Pain – Free Pain Coaching for Osteoarthritis Sessions

Pain Coaching for Osteoarthritis

Bringing together the latest in pain science and strengths-based coaching

Free Individual coaching sessions
Face-to-Face or via Skype/Zoom

Founded by Richard Stace, MCSP MSc (Pain)
BSc (Hons) BSc (Physiotheraphy) PGDN

To register for the Understand Pain programme,
please email: richard@specialistpainphysio.com

About us at UP

Pain coaching gives you practical knowledge and skills to overcome pain. We are offering free Pain Coaching sessions to people suffering persistent pain due to osteoarthritis. The free sessions can be one-on-one or in a small group of 4-5 people. Together, we design a programme based on your goals and support you along the way.

The programme is designed and delivered by Richard Stace, pain specialist, physiotherapist, pioneer of Pain Coaching and co-founder of UP. The project is supported by GSK. In return, anonymised transcripts of your sessions will be shared with GSK. Sessions are available remotely or in-person in New Malden, Chelsea or Harley ST.